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Supporting My Work

Individual and organizational donations to are always welcome.

My work is totally voluntary so I depend on your support to cover the costs of being online (computer equipment and Internet connection), staying up to date (publication subscriptions, access to reports, ability to attend seminars, etc.) and, most importantly, having the time to write.

Your help is vital to ensure that my political activities and education outreach can continue.  In addition, I look forward to introducing the ePalestine.com website as a professional English portal on Palestine.  Planning for this has been years in the making and funds will be required for the design and setting up of the organization to maintain its contents.

Please consider making a generous contribution by:

1. Checks payable to "Sam Bahour" can be sent to either of the following addresses:

        P.O. Box 2323, Ramallah, Palestinian Authority, via Israel
        2909 Biscayne Ave., Youngstown, Ohio, 44505-2111 USA

2. Bank transfers to:

        Sam Bahour
        Arab Islamic Bank
        Al-Bireh, Palestinian Authority, Tel: +970-2-240-5935

        Account #: 14984
        Branch #: 73-42400
        SWIFT #: AISBPS22
        When sending a bank transfer please also inform me at email: sbahour@gmail.com

3. Donations via PayPal (you will need a free PayPal account): Click on "Send Money" tab on top of page

        * My email to send money to is: sbahour@gmail.comOfficial PayPal Seal

* When asked "Category of Purchase" use "Service" so payment not considered a cash advance by your credit card company.

4.  NOTE:  If you prefer supporting other efforts in Palestine, please advise of the areas you are interested and I will help connect you to those that I know need your support.


For more information contact

Sam Bahour at sbahour@gmail.com


Last changed: Sept. 22, 2013